software de teletrabajo y productividad

Remote Work and Productivity Measurement Software

EffiWork allows you to understand how your teams work, how productive they are and how they manage their time between different tasks.

Measure productivity

Allows you to compare the results of remote working with office work.


Shows the use of applications to understand work dynamics.


The data is completely objective, employees do not waste time reporting.


Holiday, sick leave, remote work and any personal request. Notification system.


The attendance control is not a brake on the implementation of remote working.


Accessible from anywhere, secure data storage in the cloud.

EffiWork is productivity measurement software that helps companies to manage the employees who work remotely

Because remote working projects improve results when the employees and their managers have performance monitoring and measurement solutions

"We improve our efficiency, we make more objective decisions and everyone is more aware and responsible with their time. That rigor is evident in our finances and in the quality we provide to our clients."

"Logitravel not only managed to increase the productivity of all its employees, but continues to use EffiWork in its continuous improvement processes."

"Thanks to EffiWork we have been able to implement a flexible work system in the company and we have teleworkers at both sites. Only the first year we managed to improve our productivity by 80%"

 Ramón Montané - Co Founder 

Tomeu Bennasar - General Manager

Raquel Vidal - General Manager

For the
  • Implement an objective  culture throughout the organisation.

  • Compare office work vs. remote working.

  • Validate the positive impact of remote working on business results.

  • Reframe the task monitoring mechanisms.

  • Distribute workloads in a balanced way.

  • Eliminate the perception of lack of control.

  • Visualise your results and optimise your time management.

  • Better work-life balance.

  • Feeling more committed to the organisation.

For Human Resources
  • Develop remote working and job flexibility policies.

  • Retain and attract talent more easily.

  • Prevent the Law about the registration of working hours.

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EffiWork complies with the Remote Work Law in Spain