software gestion de proyectos y control de costes
Project hours

Automatically measures the hours invested in each project.

Planning & forecasting

Compare actual data with initial forecast to anticipate delays.

Task time

Time is broken down by task and sub-task, by day and employee.

Project profitability

Calculate the costs, billing and margin for each project.

Fully automated

The only one on the market that automatically detects projects and inputs times.


Accessible from anywhere, secure data storage in the cloud.

With WorkProject you can keep a fully automated, exhaustive control of the hours invested in each project

Project Management and Costs Control Software

WorkProject's unique technology allows you to detect which project you are working on and automate the allocation of time.

The first fully automated and objective project measurement software

Eases project management, task tracking, and helps control workloads

"I would recommend WorkProject to all those companies that want to have a clear and unbiased view of what their teams do. Both in terms of the allocation of time to projects and the applications used for this purpose ... The excellent availability of the WorkProject team was very helpful for the implementation of the application ”

Juan Carlos Rojas




Improve monitoring

It is automatic, the data is totally objective. Avoid manual reporting by employees.

Management made easy

Makes project management, monitoring and data-driven project management easy.

Balance loads

Allows you to control the hours invested in each project and task to balance workloads.

Increase profitability

Automatically calculate the costs, billing and profitability of each project.

Analyze deviations

Compare the progress with the initial forecasts. Allows you to avoid delays in delivery times.

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