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Discover our wide range of products


Teleworking and employee productivity measurement software

EffiWork allows you to understand how your teams work, how productive they are and how they manage their time between different tasks.

With years of experience in the market and patented technology, EffiWork offers you the best measurement and performance monitoring solution.

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Time and Attendance Software

Time @ Work provides detailed reports of workday registration, breaks and over times.

Data collection is 100% automatic.

Time@Work attendance software provides you a solution that empower you to make real time decisions.

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Projects and costs measurement software

WorkProject automatically measures the hours invested in each project and task.


Unique technology in the market able to detect which project you are working on and impute time automatically and objectively. 

Calculate the profitability of your projects.

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Discover our wide range of products


The data is completely objective, employees do not waste time reporting.

No costs of infrastructure

Install and configure easily in minutes.


Accessible from anywhere, secure data storage in the cloud.

Integrable with others platforms

It can connect with other BI platforms, ERP, Project Management etc.

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